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IMAS Digital Accelerator Programme
(DAP) 2021 is back for round two!

Track 2 Challenge

Application period: 2 Jun – 30 Jul 2021 (For Fintech/tech companies)

Blockchain | Trade Settlement

Track 2 challenge focuses on discovering new approaches and solutions for blockchain technology and creating efficient and scalable non-standard trade matching and settlement.

DAP 2021 brings to you two tracks of challenges, Track 1 launched in February 2021 and Track 2 is now here!

To view the problem statements for DAP 2021 Track 2, click here


Gain rapid exposure to best in class fund managers and receive brand awareness regionally.


Receive guidance from mentors with specialized skillsets in the asset management industry who will partner with you to contextualise & enhance your solution to the local market needs and industry.


Opportunity to collaborate with Singapore’s top institutions to accelerate solutions that address real business problems affecting the asset management industry regionally.

Be Rewarded

Finalists will be awarded prizes and gain access to resources for commercializing their products and solutions.


Upon completing the showcase you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a leading asset management firm to refine your solution for potential commercialization in the asset management industry.

Join us as an IMAS Associate Fintech Member and IMAS will also provide a platform for you to showcase your solution, bring it to the investors quickly, develop inroads and expand your business within the region’s asset management industry.
Tackling industry problems

IMAS works closely with the investment management ecosystem to identify the industry’s problems


The platform to access the industry

Through IMAS, Fintech members can access the assets management industry and co-create innovative solutions.


What is the DAP looking for?

Fintechs who have solutions ready for or which can be adapted to the investment management industry. Shortlisted Fintechs will be paired with an Acceleration Partner who will take on the role of a knowledge partner and corporate mentor by providing support and guidance about the industry, especially to Singapore’s context. Acceleration Partners are mostly IMAS members, consisting of leading institutions in the region.

Product(s) Ready to go to Market or in the Market

Upon completing the showcase you will have the opportunity to collaborate on your solution with a leading corporate mentor from Singapore.

Capacity to Scale

Fintechs who can demonstrate evidence to suggest capacity to scale across the region are favoured.

Product(s) Ready to be Adapted for Investment Management

Solutions that can largely address the problem and be readily adapted would be viewed favourably.

Revenue & Growth Strategy

Evidence of a sound profit model and market presence would place Fintechs in better standing.

Product(s) Uniqueness

Fintechs with a competitive product advantage would be well-regarded.

Team Experience

Fintechs with an interest in the industry or previous experience are encouraged to apply.

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