Why Join?

Besides funding up for grabs, there are plenty of other reasons for budding Fintechs to get really excited about the Digital Accelerator Programme!

What’s in it for Fintechs?


You will get to respond to a real world problem that the investment industry faces, and work with a corporate mentor to shape a real-world, digital solution that can be commercialised.

Up to 10 shortlisted teams will be provided the opportunity to showcase their solutions at the IMAS-Bloomberg Investment Conference 2019 on 9th May 2019 in Singapore in front of some of the leading VC firms, hedge funds, traditional asset management firms, and family offices. There will also be a judging panel of esteemed members of the industry present.

Up to three teams will be awarded prizes including up to SGD 50,000 each. As we are trying to drive major acceleration and change for the industry, the DAP will also provide the opportunity for all of the shortlisted Fintechs to receive mentorship from a Singapore based investment management firm or partner tertiary institution. 

DAP Fintechs who are selected for acceleration will also potentially receive help to subsidise the infrastructure costs of running their solution through the AWS Activate program.The program benefits include USD 15,000 promotional credits for all AWS services valid up to 2 years, and USD 5,000 AWS Support Credit to be used towards AWS Business Support plan for up to 1 year.

The acceleration programme will last for four weeks and could be done virtually or in person after the annual conference. Successful Fintechs will also receive travel allowances to help offset costs of partaking in the DAP program.

Get funded

Up to 3 final winners will recevie funding of up to SGD 50,000 to help scale their businesses.

Acceleration programme

Opportunity to join and accelerator programme that will give you access to professional mentoring and critical resources that allow you to take your solution to the next level.


Upon completing the programme, you may have the opportunity to accelerate your solution towards full, commercial rollout with your Corporate mentor.

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