What's in it for Fintech

Work closely with the industry on pertinent problems

Respond to a real-world problem highlighted by the investment industry, and work with an Acceleration Partner to shape a digital solution that can be commercialised.

Leverage this one-stop programme to showcase your capabilities

Finalist(s) for each problem statement will have the opportunity to showcase their solution to the industry at the DAP Showcase event segment at the annual IMAS Investment Conference, a leading buy-side event in the region attracting decision makers.

Get funded

Finalist(s) for each problem statement will receive prize money from the Acceleration Partner upon completion of the DAP Showcase event and their Proof-of-Concept (POC) journey. Depending on the problem statement the Fintech chooses to address, technology companies can expect to receive S$20,000 to $50,000 upon completion of development milestones.

Undergo pitch training by the industry

The finalists will have the opportunity to undergo pitch training conducted by IMAS, its Digital Innovation Committee and the industry.

Participate in the Acceleration Programme

Finalists will undergo an Acceleration Programme where Acceleration Partners will provide mentorship and guidance, and potentially solution refinement and access to key industry contacts.

Potential Commercialisation

During the Acceleration Programme, you may have the opportunity to develop proof-of-concepts and contextualisation of solutions for broader commercial roll-out.

What's in it for Acceleration Partners

Marketing activities to the digital ecosystem locally and globally

Participate in marketing activities that outreach to the digital ecosystem in Singapore and our global partners in the different regions.

Leverage this one-stop programme to engage the best solution

There are economies of scale when acceleration partners come together to run an accelerator programme where IMAS scout for the most relevant and innovative solutions that fit the Investment Management industry.

Attend design-thinking workshop and networking events with Fintechs

Attend half-day problem refinement workshop to help put together the current challenges that your business would like to digitalise. Meet-and-greet events with fintechs to network and exchange of potential ideas.

Adopt best practice in the industry

Together with other industry players, Acceleration Partners can share and adopt best practices with one another.

Get funded

Explore available grants and fundings to commercialise successful POCs at the end of acceleration journey.

DAP 2021 has launched!

This year, IMAS bring to you two tracks of challenges. With Track 1 launched in February 2021, we are anticipating to begin Track 2 in June/July.

DAP 2021 Track 1 challenge

Application period: 3 Feb – 26 Mar 2021 (For Fintech/tech companies)

ESG | Automated Data Management | Risk Assessment

IMAS is canvassing for innovative technology specific to solving pain points around Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Risk assessment processes and automating data management.

DAP 2021 Track 2 challenge

Now accepting Problem Statements for Track 2 (Asset Management firms)

Does your company have a pain point that you would need digital solutions for? We welcome you to join us as Acceleration Partners for DAP 2021 Track 2 challenge so that together, we can accelerate your digitalisation process, harness fresh ideas and leverage on new technologies to solve problems that we face.

Asset Management firms who would like to participate as Acceleration Partners can reach out to IMAS at now!

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