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What's in it for Fintech

Work closely with the industry on pertinent problems
Respond to a real-world problem highlighted by the investment industry, and work with an Acceleration Partner to shape a digital solution that can be commercialised.
Leverage this one-stop programme to showcase your capabilities
Finalists for each problem statement will have the opportunity to showcase their solution to the industry at the 2020 DAP Showcase event. During the 2020 DAP Showcase event, a judging panel of indsutry professionals will select 3 technology companies to proceed to the showcase segment at the IMAS-Bloomberg Investment Conference 2020, a leading buy-side event in the region attracting decision makers.
Get funded
Finalists for each problem statement will receive prize money from the Acceleration Partner upon completion of the 2020 DAP Showcase event, with a larger sum funded by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) available if the Fintech meets the development milestones agreed between IMDA, the Acceleration Partner and the Fintech. Depending on the problem statement the Fintech chooses to address, technology companies can expect to receive S$20,000 to $50,000 upon completion of development milestones.
Undergo pitch training by the industry
The finalists will have the opportunity to undergo pitch training conducted by IMAS, its Digital Innovation Working Group and the industry.
Participate in the Acceleration Programme
Finalists will undergo a 4-week Acceleration Programme where Acceleration Partners will provide mentorship and guidance, and potentially solution refinement and access to key industry contacts.
Potential Commercialisation
During the Acceleration Programme, (minimum of 4-weeks and agreed between the Acceleration Partner and finalist), you may have the opportunity to develop proof-of-concepts and contextualization of solutions for broader commercial roll-out.

Programme Timeline

Application Open
13 November 2019
Application Close
14 February 2020
Shortlisting Period
15 – 28 February 2020
Finalists Confirmed & Notified
2 – 13 March 2020
Pitch Training for DAP Showcase Event
16 March – 25 March 2020
DAP Showcase Event
Showcase at IMAS and Bloomberg Investment Conference 2020
Acceleration Programme
April 2020*

*Dates to be confirmed
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